Articles, Books and Presentations by GCN Members

Steve Walker

Get these Guns off the Street - Readers Digest, August 2004


Ian Taylor

Respectable, Rural and English: the Lobby Against the Regulation of Firearms in Great Britain

Firearms and Public Safety: Continuing Dangers after the Handguns Ban

Firearms Crime at the Time of the Cullen Inquiry

'Behavioural science' and firearms: Zimring and Hawkins on lethal violence in America

Replica Firearms: A New Frontier in the Gun Market (with Rob Hornsby)


Peter Squires

Gun Culture or Gun Control? Firearms, Violence and Society (Routledge, 2000)

Letter to the Guardian - 19 July 2001

Gun Crime Misconceptions, Letter written to the Guardian - March 2004


Mick North

Extract from Dunblane: Never Forget (Mainstream, 2000)

Speech to the UMUT Foundation - 28 September 2003

Tories and Gun Control - Sunday Times, March 2004


Gill Marshall-Andrews

Firearms and Young People - The Magistrate Debate

GRIP Seminar, Brussels - 31 May 2001


Chrissie Hall

Speech to Women's Institute - October 2001



Campaigns and Activities


This Page includes material from previous campaigns in which GCN and its members have been involved in Britain and abroad


This Page has details of the successful campaign against Imitation Guns


This Page provides a summary of recent activities and campaigns (before August 2008) by other organisations (including Local Groups, Police, Shops and Markets) around Great Britain




This Page includes Comment on the following:


Firearm Crime Increasing Again - January 2001

UK Crime Statistics issued in January 2001: the Truth - January 2001

Home Office Figures Show Violent Crime to be Falling Overall but Firearms Still Haunt the UK Crime Scene - January 2002

Gun Crime Figures - 2002/2003 - January 2004

Future of the Firearms Consultative Committee - January 2004 (updated September 2004)

Gun Crime Figures - January 2008

Gun Crime Figures - April 2008




This Page includes the Evidence submitted by GCN and its members to a number of Parliamentary Committees:

Home Affairs Committee - 1999

Northern Ireland Committee - 2002

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Gun Crime - 2003


GCN has also provided a response to the Home Consultation Document on Firearms Legislation:


Response to Home Office Consultation Document - 2004


Gun Crime Figures

This page includes the Gun Crime figures for England and Wales from 1989 - 2005


This page includes the Gun Crime figures for Scotland from 1989 - 2008


Newsletters 2001 & 2002

Before the website was fully operational GCN provided Newsletters for its supporters.


Press Releases

This page includes all the GCN Press Releases from 1997 - 2006

The Handgun Debate Continues - January 1997

Comment on the Government's Response to the Home Affairs Committee's Report on Firearms - 4 October 2000

A Response to "Tories in Marginals back Repeal of Gun Ban" (Independent) - 4 June 2001

"He who pays the piper calls the tune": Illegal Firearms in the UK - 14 July 2001

'Lookalike Guns' - 23 January 2002

Campaign for Airgun Control - 18 September 2002

Death by Imitation - November 2002

Gun Sales on eBay - 29 September 2004

Gun Crime Figures Highlight Urgent Need for More Action on Imitation Guns - 3 February 2005

Lethal Airguns - 9 March 2005

The Violent Crime Reduction Bill  2005 - 13 October 2005

Tenth Anniversary of the Dunblane Shootings - 9 March 2006

Gun Crime Statistics - 3 April 2006


Topics in the News

This page includes Items from 2002 - 2009