Ex-Sports Minister Kate Hoey MP frequently raises the issue of gun crime in Parliament, but seemingly for a vested interest.  In a recent comment, relating to Policing in London, she said:

"The hon. Gentleman mentioned earlier the increase in gun crime.  Does he agree that those of us on both sides of the house who, when the ban on handguns was introduced, said it would make no difference to illegal guns on the streets, but only discriminate against law-abiding, decent pistol shooters who could no longer compete legally in this country, have been proved right?"

Ms Hoey is very quick to deride the handgun ban, but her opinion must be viewed with significant scepticism since not only is she an unquestioning supporter of the shooting lobby but, contrary to what she implies in this comment, gun crime both in London and throughout the country is actually falling not increasing (according to the official Home Office figures, which are reproduced on this website).

Gun Control Network finds Ms Hoey's consistent and unwarranted misuse of statistics to be inexcusable.  In her unequivocal support to the shooting lobby and their desire to use the London Olympics as an excuse to reverse the handgun ban, a measure that her Government introduced in response to the wishes of the majority of the population, she seems prepared not only to distort the truth but also to fuel public fears of a gun culture in order to allow a minority to get back their handguns.  She is entitled to her views, but it is totally unacceptable that as an MP she is prepared to turn the statistics on their head. 

As the incidents we report on this website show, no one should be complacent about gun crime in Great Britain and there are many more measures that can be taken.  The last thing that is needed is for a politician to inflate the level of gun crime, especially if this is solely in support of the case of people who themselves want to use guns.


Written May 2007



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