EACH JANUARY the Home Office releases two sets of gun crime data for England and Wales.  A Quarterly Report provides provisional data on gun offences (excepting those involving airguns) for the year ending the previous September.  A more detailed set of statistics, which includes airgun offences, is contained in an Annual Report for the year ending the previous March.


The simultaneous release of data, which cover different periods, can lead to confusion, but there is no doubt that the common theme shared in the two Reports released in January 2009 is that the total number of firearms offences continues to fall.


The graph below is based on the figures released in the Annual Report and shows a continuing downward trend in Firearms Offences since 2003/04.


Provisional data for more recent periods indicate that this downward trend has been sustained,  even though the data are not directly comparable because airgun offences are excluded from the Quarterly Reports.

Year ending:                                       Gun Crimes (not Airgun)

March 2008                                           9865

Annual Report - 02/09 - published in Jan 09


June 2008                                             9306

Provisional data from Quarterly Report - published in Oct 08


September 2008                                     8600

Provisional data from Quarterly Report - 01/09 - published in Jan 09



> See Additional Comment on the Data in the Annual Report

> See Crime Figures for England & Wales

> See Home Office Report



Written: 26 January 2009



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