Contact us with information of local gun incidents.  We now have a Dedicated Page for incidents reported by correspondents to GCN.

Write to your Local MP and get others to do so.

Visit your local MP at his/her surgery and get others to do so and Contact prospective Parliamentary Candidates of all parties and ask their views.

Contact your Local Councillors and ask them to bring the matter up in the Council. Many councils have passed motions of support for stricter gun controls and are undertaking investigations of gun clubs, shops and ranges in their local areas.

Write to your local papers and get others to do so.

Discuss the matter with everyone - friends, work colleagues, teachers, trade unions, Parent/Teacher associations, church goers, etc.

Form a group and affiliate to GCN.

Make a Financial Contribution.

Try to find out what the shooting organisations are doing in your area .

Contact your local police, Health and Safety Executive and Victim Support Group for advice and information.

Monitor any inappropriate advertising depicting guns and Contact the Regulator

Keep in touch with us and keep the issues alive.