The Gun Control Network was established in the wake of the horrific murders in Dunblane. It was set up by a group that included academics, lawyers and the parents of victims killed in Hungerford and Dunblane.


There is widespread support for GCN’s objectives.  This Website will enable more people who have concerns about public safety and the gun culture to contact us.


Our objective is to ensure that MPs, Lords and parliamentary candidates from all parties are in no doubt that gun control will win votes. We will continue to promote gun control as an election issue and urge the government and opposition parties to include specific measures in their manifestos.

International Links

We are liaising with other gun control organisations around the world and will monitor legislative developments on a global basis.


GCN calls on all local councils in Britain to endorse the objectives of the Network and to work closely with local police in updating information on the activities of gun clubs and firearms dealers in their local authority areas (see sample resolution).

GCN is already working closely with many police forces and individual police officers throughout the country. We will be encouraging the creation of a network of local gun control groups across the country.


There is a deplorable lack of coherent research data about guns in the UK. This has allowed the selective use of statistics by gun lobbyists to go unchallenged. We will promote a national programme of systematic and broad based research that covers the availability, use, storage, registration, and trade of firearms, and their relationship to crime and public health.

Fair Representation

The GCN calls for the routine representation of the victims of firearms crime and of gun control organisations on any government and quasi-government body, always in equal numbers with any representatives of the firearms industry or shooting associations. We had particular concerns about the Firearms Consultative Committee, which has now been disbanded and want to ensure that no future body gives undue weight to the narrow sectional interests of the shooting fraternity.