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Evening News


An 18-year-old girl was shot in the face with a pellet gun during a drive-by shooting in Portobello. The shot hit her on the lip. She was left in shock.

Evening News


A soldier who couldn't keep up with his colleagues whilst training sparked a police alert when he was spotted walking past house in the Juniper Green area of Edinburgh carrying a rifle. He had decided to walk back to the barracks taking a short cut. The incident was described by the Army as "an error of judgement".

Wimbledon Guardian


A man held up a shop in Teddington at gunpoint. The man pulled out a silver gun and demanded the till be opened. He tool £140.

Liverpool Echo


A man was shot in the back as he tried to escape a gunman he had confronted on his doorstep in Speke, Merseyside. The hooded gunman had smashed down the victim's front door believing him to be in his house. The weapon is believed to have been a low-calibre shotgun.



Two men are in hospital after being shot on a housing estate in Preston.  Their injuries were not life-threatening.  Two men have been charged with attempted murder and a third man has faced charges of unlawfully possessing two shotguns without a certificate (BBC, 7 March 2008).  A number of men have received custodial sentences (see March 2009 Incidents).

Evening Telegraph (Peterborough)


Two women were robbed at gunpoint in The Meadows area of Nottingham They were approached by two men who pulled open the doors of their car and grabbed a bag containing cash. Both men were armed with handguns.

Bromsgrove Standard


Teenager Darren Irish fired a ball-bearing gun at two women pensioners as they visited a site in Sidemoor, Bromsgrove. One of the victims was left with a ball-bearing lodged in her arm because it was too difficult to remove. The other woman was hit in the shoulder. Irish who had been drinking pleaded guilty to two counts of assault causing actual bodily harm. He was sentenced to 18 months detention.

Daily Post


A former head of a police firearms unit is claiming he was unfairly sacked by North Wales Police after he pleaded guilty in January 2007 to having ammunition he was not licensed to keep. Neil Smith, who had held a gun licence since 1974, was given a 12-month conditional discharge after the professional standards unit found 40 rounds of .22-calibre "stinger" ammunition designed to expand on impact at his home in Rhuddlan.

Wigan Evening Post


A man committed suicide by stabbing himself after being terrorised by yobs who repeatedly fired a ball-bearing gun at his home in Pemberton. At the man's inquest a container of yellow ball bearings was produced by his father.

Skelmersdale Advertiser


A 19-year-old who fired an air rifle pellet at a bus in the Digmoor area of Skelmersdale has been arrested and given a final warning. He was one of several people targeted during a campaign to clampdown on bus vandalism following a spate of incidents in recent weeks.

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