About GCN

The Gun Control Network was established as a small non-profit making organisation in July 1996 in the aftermath of the Dunblane tragedy. The founders included lawyers, academics and the parents of victims killed in Dunblane and Hungerford. It was the first gun control organisation in the UK.
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Our Key Objectives

GCN was established to campaign for progressively tighter controls on guns in the UK.

Our current objectives are:

  • One single unified licensing system for all guns with a power of over one joule.
  • One licence per gun.
  • The cost of a licence to cover the full cost of the application with no subsidy from the taxpayer.
  • Police information systems to be integrated so licences to be refused or revoked where there is evidence of domestic violence, drug/alcohol abuse, mental illness, or criminal activity.
  • GP records to be tagged so police will be alerted to any licence holder who is or becomes unfit.

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Latest News and Comment

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Latest Press Releases

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