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BBC News


A 12-year-old boy has been shot in the leg in a drive-by attack in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. He is expected to make a good recovery. A police spokesperson said that the incident is thought to be connected to a dispute between two gangs and that the victim was "caught in the line of fire".

eagle radio


A boy had to have a pellet removed from his skin after he was shot by an unknown perpetrator in Cranleigh, Surrey. Appealing for information, a police spokesperson said that the firearm used may have been an air rifle or an Airsoft gun. There have been several similar reports in the area, including ball bearings being shot from catapults.



Elder Souza, from Patchway, Gloucestershire, sentenced in his absence for possession of a stun gun. Click on media link to read full report.

Shropshire Star


A cat owner in Ludlow, Shropshire, who took her pet to the vet after he went off his food, was astonished when X-rays revealed he had 45 shotgun pellets lodged in his body, including one in his nose. The vets believe the cat was shot with lightweight shot, designed for shooting birds. The cat is recovering well after his ordeal.

Mail Online


A horse was shot in the face with a nail gun in Foxcote, Somerset. Click on media link to read full report.

The Star


During a scuffle in a bar in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, a man reportedly hit another man with a handgun before the weapon discharged into the floor. The suspect was arrested on suspicion of possession of a firearm and bladed article shortly afterwards. The victim was treated in hospital for minor injuries, not caused by the shooting.

Newark Advertiser


Man, from  Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, charged with possession of an imitation firearm and other offences. Click on media link to read full report.



Daniel Lowe, John Bishop, Nicky Barnes, Michael Etuhu and Ben Ukaegbu have been handed prison sentences of between seven and twelve years after pleading guilty to conspiracy to kidnap and conspiracy to blackmail. In April last year, three of the men posed as police officers and kidnapped a man in Manchester, Greater Manchester after pretending to arrest him. In a nearby building, the gang of five handcuffed the man to a chair and tortured him with a Taser and a blowtorch. They also frightened him with an imitation firearm to make him co-operate. After the offenders demanded a ransom of cash and drugs from the man’s family, police were informed and officers tracked and rescued the victim. Bishop and Ukaegbu were arrested at the scene, while Etuhu, Barnes and Lower were apprehended the following month.

West Yorkshire Police


Three men arrested after a property in Leeds, West Yorkshire was damaged by firearm discharge. Click on media link to read full report.



Armed police officers responded to reports of a man who "appeared to be carrying a pistol" in Highbridge, Somerset. Click on media link to read full report.

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