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Devon 24


Devon 24, 22 July 2008 Police in Honiton are urging the public to be aware of the seriousness of using air weapons in a public place following three cat shootings. Two of the animals died, the third sustained serious injuries.

Maidenhead Advertiser


Maidenhead Advertiser, 22 July 2008 Two swans have been shot with an airgun in Iver, Buckinghamshire. The male was dead after being shot in the neck and the female, who was nursing seven cygnets with her partner, was shot under the wing and has had to have the wing amputated. She and the cygnets were taken to a rescue centre.

News Wales


News Wales, 22 July 2008 An 18-year-old girl who was at a bus stop in Newport was approached by a man who demanded money and threatened her with what appeared to be a short-barrelled handgun. The assailant ran off with a small amount of cash.



A man was in hospital after being shot three times inside a pub in Wolverhampton.  His condition was described as stable.  City councillors have decided to shut the pub permanently.  It has been the scene of shootings, violence and anti-social behaviour (BBC, 15 August 2008).  Three men are on trial and deny trying to kill the victim and possessing a firearm with intent (Express & Star, 10 October 2009).  Two men have been found guilty of attempted murder (see November 2009 Incidents).

Sunday Mail


Sunday Mail, 20 July 2008 A cache of illegal weapons was found at the home of the parents of an army sergeant, Duncan MacGillivray. He took the guns after tours in Iraq, Northern Ireland, the Falklands and Germany. They included an AK-47 rifle, a Browning Hi-power sidearm a SPAS-12 shotgun and an MK4 submachine gun. As a quartermaster he had access to weapons and ammunition, and were found during a raid on the house in Dunoon, Argyll. Although deactivated they could all have been used as firearms. Some were covered by MacGillivray's firearms certificate but five guns and 2500 bullets found were illegal. He has found guilty of seven offences including the possession of illegal firearms and ammunition and faces a heavy jail term.

Evening News (Edinburgh)


Evening News (Edinburgh), 19 July 2008 Vytauas Gulbinavicius has pleaded guilty to putting cabin crew and passengers in a state of fear and alarm after telling a member of the cabin crew of a flight from Edinburgh to Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) that he had a gun. The flight was halted on the runway. Sentence was deferred.

Liverpool Echo


Liverpool Echo, 19 July 2008 Christopher McGhee has been jailed for 12 years after shooting a landlord's brother in the leg. McGhee had been thrown out of a pub in Kensington, Liverpool, in November 2007. He returned later with a handgun and confronted his victim. Five bullet casings were found at the scene. McGhee was convicted of wounding with intent and two offences of possessing a handgun with intent to endanger life.

This is South Devon


This is South Devon, 19 July 2008 Armed police surrounded a property in Teignmouth after a man was reported to be firing shots from the address. No one was hurt in the stand-off which lasted two hours. It was confirmed that an air rifle was being fired at buildings in the area.

Evening Leader


Evening Leader, 18 July 2008 A cat has been shot with a pellet gun on a street in Blacon, Chester. A vet discovered that a pellet had smashed the animal's femur and had become lodged in the leg muscle. The pellet must have been fired at close range or come from a high powered air rifle, according to a vet.

Manchester Evening News


Manchester Evening News, 18 July 2008 A vet has appealed for an end to gun attacks on animals after another cat was shot. The pet was shot in the back near his home in Wigan, Greater Manchester. The airgun pellet smashed into his spine narrowly missing vital organs.

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