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A man is to appear in court charged with two firearms offences and four offences under the Explosive Substances Act after an explosion at a house near Eldson, Northumberland.



Police carried out a search in Winslow, Buckinghamshire, after a report of a gunshot in the town centre. No evidence of a firearm being discharged was discovered.

Barrhead News


The paper has launched a campaign to rid the streets of Barrhead of airguns after a number of incidents in the town. Residents have claimed that a local shop is still selling BB guns to children under the age of 14.

South Wales Echo


A taxi driver narrowly escaped injury when someone took a potshot at his cab as he was driving between Aberfan and Troedyrhiw. He was showered in the shattered glass of the driver's window. He believes an air rifle was used.

Glamorgan Gazette


Vandals shot at a car with a pellet gun as a woman drove home from work near Pencoed. The victim says she was terrified by the attack.

Worcester News


Gary Childe shot his dog four times with an air rifle after hitting it with a saucepan. He has been given four months in jail for causing 'incredible cruelty' to his pet. The incident occurred in May 2007 in his garden in Stourport-on-Severn when Childe got home from the pub to find his pet having a fit in the back garden. The dog was put to sleep at a vets when Childe claimed it had been attacked by his other dog.

Malvern Gazette


A kitten was found lying injured in a box in the garden of his home in Malvern. She had been shot with an airgun leaving a pellet lodged near her spine. It is thought that someone may simply have used the kitten for target practice. The kitten is slowly recovering.

Newbury Today


Police have charged a man with firearms offences after swords, crossbows and imitation firearms were found at a property in Pangbourne. Officers recovered six imitation firearms, seven swords, 27 knives and two crossbows at a flat. A man has been accused of pointing an imitation gun at a teenage girl and has been remanded in custody (Newbury Today, 24 January 2008).

The Gazette (Blackpool)


A man from Bispham has appeared in court accused with possessing a handgun with intent to cause someone to believe violence would be used against them. He has been remanded in custody.

Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough)


A woman driver was left shaken after a man opened the door of her car and threatened her with a handgun whilst trying to snatch her handbag. The incident took place in Linthorpe, Middlesbrough. The man became unnerved and fled empty handed. A man has been arrested and police have recovered a handgun. He has been pleaded guilty attempting to rob and of possessing a firearm or imitation firearm (see March 2008 Incidents).

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